Our Mission

Custom silicon for all.

SiFive brings the power of open source and software automation to the semiconductor industry, making it possible to develop new hardware faster and more affordably than ever before. With our platform for rapidly designing, testing and building RISC‑V-based core IP and chips, we’re accelerating the pace of innovation for businesses large and small.

Our Vision

Empowering innovators.

You don’t need to be an expert in silicon design to produce custom chips. SiFive’s platform makes it possible to design at the system level and create chips that meet your exact specifications without deep pockets or a high-volume guarantee.

Our Leadership

RISC‑V inventors and industry veterans.

The inventors of RISC‑V joined forces with silicon experts bringing a new approach to semiconductors together with decades of industry experience, hundreds of tapeouts and millions of chips shipped.


Yunsup Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Krste Asanovic

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

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Andrew Waterman

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

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Sunil Shenoy


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Shafy Eltoukhy

SVP, Operations and GM of SiFive SoC Division

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Jack Kang

SVP of Customer Experience

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Megan Wachs

VP of Hardware Engineering

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Jeff Mulhausen

Chief Evangelist

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Han Chen

Chief Engineer, Implementations and Methodology

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Technical Advisers

David Patterson

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Mark Horowitz

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Borivoje Nikolic

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Vladimir Stojanovic

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Jonathan Bachrach

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Clark Barrett

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Olof Johansson

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Adam Chlipala

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Business Advisers

Bertrand Irissou

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Intel Capital
Sutter Hill Ventures
Software Community

Expanding the RISC-V software ecosystem, together.

SiFive believes a strong community is one of the major benefits of the free and open RISC‑V ISA. SiFive’s customers benefit from the collective intelligence of RISC‑V Foundation, Whose members contribute to and maintain the RISC‑V software ecosystem.

The RISC‑V Foundation comprises the most innovative companies in the world.

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