We provide the spark that makes anything possible

We bring RISC-V, software, and silicon experts together to innovate with a modern, software-driven approach to semiconductors.

With distinguished industry leaders, hundreds of tapeouts, and billions of processors shipped, we are uniquely qualified to supercharge RISC-V with the efficiency, flexibility, and unprecedented performance required for the future of compute.

We empower companies big and small to innovate with the next generation of high performance processors

Our goal is to bring the velocity and scalability you need to innovate in ways that will bring us the future even faster. Here’s just some of what we can do:

  • Provide innovative RISC-V CPU IP for the semiconductor industry

  • Enable the development of application-specific silicon faster than ever

  • Unleash the full potential of the open RISC-V architecture at scale

The SiFive Core IP portfolio meets your application specific needs with four distinct processor families based on the RISC-V ISA.

Our presence is felt world-wide

We find top talent around the world, and we collaborate using a modern software-first approach. We’re able to work quickly and intelligently to solve problems from anywhere, so you can build exactly what you need—with the velocity you require.

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Santa Clara, California
Berkeley, California
San Mateo, California
Austin, Texas
La Ciotat, France
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Bangalore, India
Boston, Massachusetts
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Shanghai, China
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Munich, Germany
Hyderabad, India
Ahmedabad, India

Built on Community

A commitment to giving everyone access to the future

Our leaders built the open RISC-V architecture to provide a springboard for anyone from anywhere to learn through access to the last ISA that will ever matter. We continue to support the open source community, while our customers benefit from the high performance evolution of our IP, ecosystem, extensions, and tools.


Patrick Little

Chairman, President & CEO

Yunsup Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Krste Asanovic

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Andrew Waterman

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Rohit Kumar

SVP, Engineering

Jay Vyas

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Jack Kang

SVP, Biz Dev, CX, Corp Marketing

Adam Dolinko

Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development

Nicole Singer

SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Jerry Ardizzone

SVP, Sales

Chris Jones

VP, Products


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