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November 2016

SiFiveNov 29, 2016

The Best “Three-Month Project” Ever

A couple weeks ago, Jack and I traveled to Taiwan. Not that unusual for those of us in the semiconductor industry used to making a pilgrimage to visit customers and partners. This trip, however, was big for us, and we brought back the best “souvenirs” ever – the first ever commercially available RISC-V SoCs!

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SiFiveNov 9, 2016

An Ace Up Our Sleeve?

In a recent post, Yunsup shared some of the successes and challenges we’ve faced in our first year as SiFive. Little did we know when that post went live, we’d be able to follow it up with yet another measure of success: Late last week, we learned that SiFive has been shortlisted as a finalist for UBM’s ACE Award for Startup of the Year!

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SiFiveNov 3, 2016

A Year in Good Company

San Francisco, Brannan Street. While Giants fans pour out of AT&T Park, SiFive employees walk out of the office after another long day of coding. Building a startup isn’t glamorous, and it’s understood that only those who put in the hard work and extra effort will make it through.

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