Chip design, reimagined.

Introducing a fast, affordable, and efficient new way to design silicon chips.

Chip Designer

Start with your idea, get it in silicon.

Chips are in everything you own. Yet until now, only the biggest players with the deepest pockets could create custom SoCs.

SiFive is changing all of that. Now, thanks to our powerful design tools, every entrepreneur, inventor and innovator can translate their dreams into silicon.

A new way of building custom silicon.

  • 01. Design

    Choose the template that suits your application. Create variations using a rich library of IP from our DesignShare Partners — or onboard your own IP. Save as many custom template designs as you like.

  • 02. Prototype

    Run your application code on virtualized chips. Iterate until you get the performance that’s right for your product.

  • 03. Order

    Receive sample chips within months — at a deep discount. With SiFive, there are no upfront IP costs until you need production quantities.


Freedom Templates

Welcome to a fundamentally new approach to designing and producing custom chips. Verified templates provide the agility to quickly and cost-effectively customize designs, unleashing the power and flexibility of custom silicon to businesses large and small.

Template Families

Freedom Aware

Ultra-low power solutions optimized for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

28nm process

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Freedom Everywhere

Designed for embedded microcontrollers, IoT, wearables, and more.

180nm process

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Freedom Unleashed

Unix-capable templates suitable for machine learning, storage, networking, and more.

28nm process

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Freedom Revolution

Inference and deep learning accelerators for the data center or intelligent edge.

7nm process

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The Beginning

Let’s get real.

Introducing our first silicon proof points — built with the same technology that's behind the SiFive Chip Designer.
Freedom Everywhere


The FE310 is the first member of the Freedom Everywhere family of customizable templates. The FE310 was designed from the Low-Power MCU template and features the SiFive E31 Standard Core.


320+ MHz

Among the fastest on the market


1.61 DMIPs/MHz

E31 Standard Core

  • RV32I Base Integer Instruction Set, Version 2.0
  • “M” Standard Extension for Integer Multiplication and Division, Version 2.0
  • “A” Standard Extension for Atomic Instructions, Version 2.0
  • “C” Standard Extension for Compressed Instructions, Version 1.9
  • RISC‑V Privileged ISA Specification, Version 1.9.1
  • RISC‑V External Debug Support, Version 0.13

Additional Features

  • 16KB L1 Instruction Cache
  • 16KB Data SRAM Scratchpad
  • Hardware multiply/divide
  • Debug module
  • OTP non-volatile memory
  • Flexible clock generation with on-chip oscillators and PLLs
  • Peripherals including UARTs, QSPI, PWMs, and timers
  • Multiple power domains + low-power standby mode
Freedom Unleashed


The FU540 is the first member of the Freedom Unleashed family of customizable templates. The FU540 was designed from the Application Processor template and features the SiFive U54-MC Standard Core.


1.5 GHz+

4+1 Multi-Core Coherent Configuration



DDR4 with ECC

U54-MC Standard Core

  • 4× U54 RISC‑V Cores
  • 32 KiB 8-way L1 I-cache
  • 32 KiB 8-way L1 D-cache
  • 1× S5 RISC‑V Core
  • 16 KiB 2-way L1 I-cache
  • 8 KiB Data (DTIM).

Additional Features

  • 1x S5 RV64IMAC Management Core
  • Coherent 2 MB L2 Cache
  • 64-bit DDR4 with ECC
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built on a 28nm process
  • Linux-capable RISC‑V Template
  • 4x U54 RV64GC Application Cores
  • Sv39 Virtual Memory Support

What People
are Saying

The real benefit of RISC‑V is that it could enable companies to build chips that better meet their needs.

Klint Finley — Wired Business

Sutter Hill Ventures

SiFive is providing innovative solutions that will fundamentally change the semiconductor industry.

Stefan Dyckerhoff — Sutter Hill Ventures, Managing Director

RISC‑V offers a fresh approach that has the potential to help reduce SoC development time and cost significantly.

Raja Koduri — GM Edge Computing Solutions, Chief Architect, Intel

Custom silicon is going to be a big theme going forward as each use case may carry different needs. ...One-size-fits-all [chips] might not hit each sweet spot. That is the hole that a company like SiFive could fill.

Matthew Lynley — TechCrunch