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Data Center Cloud Inference/Training
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Data Center Cloud Inference/Training

Template key

  • SiFive IP
  • Customer IP
  • Partner IP

Data Center Cloud Inference/Training Key Features

The customizable AI cloud inference and training SoC platform includes RISC-V cores, HBM2 high-bandwidth memory interfaces, and Interlaken chip-to-chip interconnects that carry the TileLink coherence protocol. The platform can be configured with a variety of RISC-V management and compute cores, optimized on-chip cache and scratchpad memory systems, customer-specific hardware acceleration blocks, and is supported with a full-system software stack.


  • 7nm Process

SiFive’s Templates

SiFive Templates enable solutions for when you need a market focused design based on proven IP but offering configuration options and the ability to incorporate your own IP. The SiFive template process will lower costs and deliver an SoC design for your specific needs.

Benefits of Using Templates

Cost Savings

Ongoing product development costs on derivatives of existing chip designs are slow and make it hard to integrate new IP. SiFive templates can reduce cycle time, putting the hardware you need under your preferred software stack.

More Choice

Combine SiFive’s standard cores with SoC IP from SiFive and Design Share partners with your own key technology to get your ideal end product.

Design Flexibility

SiFive templates are ideal starting points for entry into key markets where the SiFive IP portfolio offers a competitive advantage. Complete the configuration of the template to your specifications to create your own fine-tuned design for your market application.

Rapid Time-to-Market

SiFive templates deliver the opportunity to optimize layout for the power, performance, and size requirement of your target market - and enables rapid iteration for ongoing product roadmap development for optimal market attack.

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Custom SoC

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