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SiFive Performance™ P670 and P470 RISC-V Processors bring the ultimate flexibility and balance of performance and efficiency for next-generation wearables and smart consumer devices.
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Introducing SiFive Automotive

Industry-leading performance and the lowest area and power consumption. Tailored to vehicle specific safety, security, and performance needs.
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The future of RISC‑V has no limits

As the pioneers who introduced RISC-V to the world, SiFive is transforming the future of compute and defining what comes next.

The RISC-V revolution didn’t just push boundaries—it removed them entirely. At SiFive, we’ve harnessed its limitless potential and empowered all companies to deliver the most advanced solutions of tomorrow.

We’re not preparing for the future. We’re making it happen.

If you believe in RISC-V, you need SiFive. Whether you want to shape the next era of application-specific hardware, or build a career collaborating with the most talented leaders in technology, SiFive enables you to innovate for tomorrow, today.


300+ design wins with over 100 companies — including 8 of the top 10 semiconductor companies

We enable the shift to a high performance future with a portfolio of powerful and efficient RISC-V cores. Our software-first approach unlocks the potential you need to take ownership of tomorrow.

  • The highest performing compute platform on the RISC-V architecture

  • A modern software-driven approach to attack hardware problems

  • A complete portfolio of powerful, configurable RISC-V processors

  • An undeniable industry lead in velocity, scalability, and talent

  • 300+

    design wins

  • 100+


  • 8of10

    top semiconductor companies work with us

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is right now

We are in one of those unique and thunderous moments where the world has changed very rapidly. Collaborate with the best while doing work that ripples across the world and into the future.

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Follow us into the future

When we built RISC-V, we also built a community. Follow along as we continue to pull the world together in a unique way.