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Long-Term Roadmap for the Digital Vehicle

Solution for Today’s Automotive Manufacturing Challenges

The transition to digital is impacting every aspect of the vehicle, from the bumper to the cockpit, and manufacturers need solutions that are easy to implement, cross compatible and supported today and well into the future. With challenging power budgets there is also a need to extract high-performance in the smallest possible footprint.

SiFive Brings a Portfolio of Automotive Optimized CPUs

RISC-V offers the automaker simplicity, security and software flexibility that is supported by a broad industry ecosystem.

SiFive takes that one step further with high-end applications and real time processors that bring industry leading performance, with the lowest area and power consumption and tailored to vehicle specific needs for safety, security and performance.

The SiFive Automotive E6-A series offers IP options that are both area and performance optimized for different integrity levels like ASIL B, ASIL D or split-lock, in line with ISO26262. Automotive products are accompanied by complete safety packages that include documentation to accelerate the SEooC integration and, with it, our customers time-to-market.

SiFive Automotive products are also compliant with relevant cybersecurity standards, such as WP.29 R155 and ISO21434.

IP options area and performance optimized for different integrity levels like ASIL B, ASIL D, or both, with split lock, with complete safety packages and documentation, and compliant with relevant security standards

The E6-A series is aimed at a variety of real-time, 32b applications, from system control, to HSM & safety islands, and of course standalone in microcontrollers.

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