SiFive Performance

SiFive Performance P600 Series

The latest generation SiFive Performance™ P600-Series processors are the highest performance commercially licensable RISC-V processors.

The P670 vector application processor features a thirteen-stage, four-issue, out-of-order pipeline and offers best-in-class performance, with >50% uplift over the SiFive Performance P550, while maintaining a significant performance-per-area advantage compared to the Arm® Cortex®-A78.

For applications that don't require vector compute, or for more area-constrained markets, the P650 offers similar performance levels in a smaller area footprint.

SiFive Performance P600 Series Key Features
  • Full support for the RVA22 RISC-V profile specification for enabling 64-bit apps processors running feature rich OS stacks such as Linux and Android.
  • Breakthrough RISC-V performance
    • Coherent, multi-core, multi-cluster processor configurations, with up to 16 cores
    • Highest performance commercially licensable RISC-V processor achieving >12
  • >12 SpecINT2k6/GHz (P670 Processor)
    • 2x 128-bit RISC-V Vector ALUs compliant with the ratified v1.0RISC-V Vector specification
    • RISC-V Vector Cryptography extension (P670 Processor)
  • P600-Series Architectural Features
    • 64-bit RISC-V core with extensive Virtual Memory Support
    • Four-issue, out-of-order pipeline tuned for scalable performance
    • Private L2 Caches and Streaming Prefetcher for improved memory performance
    • SECDED ECC with Error Reporting
  • Enabling next generation high performance applications
    • RISC-V Hypervisor Extension and System-Level Virtualization IP
    • Advanced interrupt controller with support for MSI style interrupts and virtualization
    • SiFiveWorldGuard System Security
    • Cache stashing to L3 for tightly coupled accelerators
Core Evaluation

From idea to reality.

Ready to see your code in action? The SiFive Performance P600 Development Kit enables evaluation of SiFive RISC-V Core IP.

Key Deliverables

Evaluation RTL

  • Full-Functional, synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • Run it in your own simulator
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