SiFive Automotive

The SiFive Automotive™ S7-AD is designed for high performance real-time applications including automotive safety islands requiring ASIL D. It is a power efficient, high performance 64-bit embedded processor that is fully-compliant with the RISC-V ISA. Its advanced memory subsystem enables the inclusion of tightly-integrated memory and caches for optimal performance.

SiFive Automotive Family

  • Broadest range of optimized RISC-V safety processors (ISO26262 ASIL B, ASIL D and split-lock)
  • ADAS/AD, IVI, Body, Powertrain, Central Compute
  • Safety Islands

SiFive Automotive
S7-AD Features

The SiFive Automotive S7-AD is fully optimized for area, performance, and efficiency, and is specifically designed for automotive safety island market. Building on the robust foundations of the mature SiFive Essential™ portfolio, the design of the S7-AD offers industry best-in-class functional safety support as a Safety Element out of Context to enable use in applications with Automotive Safety Integrity Level (as per ISO26262) up to ASIL D.

The finely tuned combination of out-of-the-box features and design scalability ensures designers can achieve the optimal balance of power, performance, and area while achieving the fastest time to market.

SiFive Automotive
S7-AD Key Features

64-bit RISC-V ISA
8-stage, dual issue, superscalar
Functional Safety and Security Features

  • ASIL D via Dual Core Lock-Step (DCLS) implementation
  • Duplicated logic, shared memories
  • SECDED ECC protected memories

Flexibility via configuration

  • Cluster supports 8 Cores + Shared L2
  • AXI4 interfaces, IO Coherent Front port
  • Local tightly Integrated Memory option
  • Low Interrupt latency
  • Direct & Indirect configurable branch predictor
  • Memory protection via RISC-V PMP (16 regions)

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