RISC-V core IP, available now.

SiFive RISC-V core IP are the most silicon-deployed RISC‑V solutions in the world. From low-power embedded microcontrollers (as small as 13.5k gates) to multi-core application processors, our core IP is the lowest risk, easiest path to RISC-V.

SiFive Cores Series are customizable and can be tuned to meet your precise needs with the SiFive Core Designer. SiFive Standard Cores are pre-configured design points in a Core Series and are perfect starting points.

Design a custom core now, or download a free Standard Core evaluation Dev Kit which includes Verilog RTL and FPGA bitstreams.

RISC-V Portfolio

SiFive Core IP

8 Series
High performance:

3 wide 12-stage out-of-order superscalar pipeline

7 Series
Highest performance:

8-stage, dual-issue superscalar pipeline

3/5 Series
Efficient performance:

5–6-stage, single-issue pipeline

2 Series
Power & area optimized:

2–3-stage, single-issue pipeline, as small as 13.5k gates

E Cores
32-bit embedded cores

MCU, edge computing, AI, IoT

E7 Series
Highest performance

Quad-core 32-bit embedded processor

High performance 32-bit embedded processor

E3 Series
Efficient performance

E31 features + single-precision floating point

Balanced performance and efficiency

E2 Series
Power & area optimized

E21 features + single-precision floating point

E20 features + User Mode, Atomics, Multiply, TIM

Our smallest, most efficient core

S Cores
64-bit embedded cores

Storage, AR/VR, machine learning

S7 Series
Highest performance

Quad-core 64-bit embedded processor

High-performance 64-bit embedded core

S5 Series
Efficient performance

S51 features + double-precision floating point

Low-power 64-bit MCU core

S2 Series
Power & area optimized

Area optimized 64-bit processor

U Cores
64-bit application processors

Linux, datacenter, network baseband

U8 Series
High performance

High performance Linux-capable processor

U7 Series
Highest performance

Multicore: four U74 cores and one S76 core

High performance Linux-capable processor

U5 Series
Efficient performance

Multicore: four U54 cores and one S51 core

Linux-capable application processor

SiFive Insight - This comprehensive debug and trace solution offers SoC designers class-leading debug capabilities to bring up first silicon, support hardware and software integration, and debug software applications.

Core Designer

Customize your RISC-V core.

With the SiFive Core Designer, RISC-V cores can be tuned to meet precise needs. Free evaluation Dev Kits with Verilog RTL and FPGA bitstreams are available to download now.