A Winning Processor Portfolio.

The broad SiFive® Core IP portfolio is comprised of four distinct families spanning from high-performance application processors to area-optimized, low-power embedded 64- and 32-bit microcontrollers, to vector processors designed for modern compute requirements and optimized for the specific needs of the automotive industry. All SiFive processors are based upon the RISC-V ISA.

The SiFive Essential™ family gives you the freedom to start with a standard, pre-defined core, or to employ SiFive Core Designer to build your own processor configuration. SiFive Performance™ processors deliver unparalleled performance in an energy-efficient small footprint, and the SiFive Intelligence™ Family leverages a software-first approach to processor design to address the future requirements of deploying machine learning technology to the edge with high performance vector compute capability.  The SiFive Automotive™ solutions bring high-end applications and real time processors with industry leading performance and the lowest area and power consumption, tailored to vehicle specific needs for safety, security, and performance.

Get started today and discover our complete, scalable portfolio of RISC-V cores for designers targeting all markets, who are at the vanguard of SoC design and are dissatisfied with the status quo.

RISC-V Portfolio

SiFive Processors

The SiFive Performance family of RISC-V processors is designed for maximum throughput, while preserving power efficiency for workloads as varied as branch-intensive operating systems, and multimedia processing. Ranging from 8-stage, dual-issue, in-order architectures equipped with 256-bit vector engines, to advanced three and four-issue out-of-order processors, with and without vector compute capabilities, with best-in-class industry benchmark performance, the SiFive Performance Family represents the future of V compute.

Highest performance four-issue, out-of-order RISC-V vector application processors series

High performance three-issue, out-of-order RISC-V vector application processor series

Highly efficient out-of-order RISC-V vector application processor series

Efficient performance vector application processor series

IP options area and performance optimized for different integrity levels like ASIL B, ASIL D, or both, with split lock, with complete safety packages and documentation, and compliant with relevant security standards

The E6-A series is aimed at a variety of real-time, 32b applications, from system control, to HSM & safety islands, and of course standalone in microcontrollers.

Integrated software + hardware solutions to accelerate AI/ML applications with SiFive AI ISA extensions and RISC-V Vector Extensions

512-bit wide RVV, Intelligence Extensions, multi-core- and Linux-capable

7 Series
High performance:

8-stage, dual-issue superscalar pipeline

6 Series
Mid-range performance:

8 stage single-issue

2 Series
Power & area optimized:

2–3-stage, single-issue pipeline, as small as 13.5k gates

E Cores
32-bit embedded cores

MCU, edge computing, AI, IoT

E7 Series
High performance

Quad-core 32-bit embedded processor

High performance 32-bit embedded processor

E6 Series
Mid-range performance

Quad-core 32-bit embedded processor

Mid-range performance 32-bit embedded processor

E2 Series
Power & area optimized

E21 features + single-precision floating point

E20 features + User Mode, Atomics, Multiply, TIM

Our smallest, most efficient core

S Cores
64-bit embedded cores

Storage, AR/VR, machine learning

S7 Series
High performance

Quad-core 64-bit embedded processor

High-performance 64-bit embedded core

S6 Series
Mid-range performance

Quad-core 64-bit embedded processor

Mid-range performance 64-bit embedded processor

S2 Series
Power & area optimized

Area optimized 64-bit processor

U Cores
64-bit application processors

Linux, datacenter, network baseband

U7 Series
High performance

Multicore: four U74 cores and one S76 core

High performance Linux-capable processor

U6 Series
Mid-range performance

Quad-core 64-bit application processor

Mid-range performance Linux-capable processor

SiFive Essential 3/5-Series:E34E31 S54S51U54-MCU54