A Winning Processor Portfolio.

The SiFive Core IP portfolio spans from high-performance multi-core heterogeneous application processors to area-optimized, low-power embedded microcontrollers. SiFive Core IP standard core microarchitectures are based on the RISC-V ISA to provide 64-bit and 32-bit options.

SiFive Core IP can be tuned to your workload using SiFive Core Designer, leveraging the flexible generator style SiFive uses to design processor architectures for different classes of performance and efficiency. SiFive Standard cores based on our flexible microarchitecture designs are pre-configured for common use cases and are the perfect starting point for designing your own core in SiFive Core Designer.

Get started with a free Standard Core evaluation, or build your own custom core design, and receive Verilog RTL and FPGA bitstream.  

RISC-V Portfolio

SiFive Core IP

8 Series
Highest Performance:

11+ stage out-of-order superscalar pipeline

VI7 Series
High Performance:

8-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline with integrated vector unit

7 Series
High performance:

8-stage, dual-issue superscalar pipeline

3/5 Series
Efficient performance:

5–6-stage, single-issue pipeline

2 Series
Power & area optimized:

2–3-stage, single-issue pipeline, as small as 13.5k gates

E Cores
32-bit embedded cores

MCU, edge computing, AI, IoT

E7 Series
High Performance

Quad-core 32-bit embedded processor

High performance 32-bit embedded processor

E3 Series
Efficient performance

E31 features + single-precision floating point

Balanced performance and efficiency

E2 Series
Power & area optimized

E21 features + single-precision floating point

E20 features + User Mode, Atomics, Multiply, TIM

Our smallest, most efficient core

S Cores
64-bit embedded cores

Storage, AR/VR, machine learning

S7 Series
High Performance

Quad-core 64-bit embedded processor

High-performance 64-bit embedded core

S5 Series
Efficient performance

S51 features + double-precision floating point

Low-power 64-bit MCU core

S2 Series
Power & area optimized

Area optimized 64-bit processor

U Cores
64-bit application processors

Linux, datacenter, network baseband

U8 Series
Highest Performance

Highest Performance Linux-capable processor

VIU7 Series
High Performance

Multicore: four VIU75 cores and one S7 core

High performance Linux capable vector processor

U7 Series
High Performance

Multicore: four U74 cores and one S76 core

High performance Linux-capable processor

U5 Series
Efficient performance

Multicore: four U54 cores and one S51 core

Linux-capable application processor

Core Designer

Customize your RISC-V core.

With the SiFive Core Designer, RISC-V cores can be tuned to meet precise needs. Free evaluation Dev Kits with Verilog RTL and FPGA bitstreams are available to download now.