Freedom Unmatched

HiFive Unmatched

HiFive Unmatched ushers in a new era of RISC-V Linux development with a platform in a PC form factor. Powered by the SiFive Freedom U740, a high-performance multi-core, 64-bit dual-issue, superscalar RISC-V processor.

You can order the Unmatched board from the following suppliers:

HiFive Unmatched Features
& Specifications


SiFive Freedom U740 SoC



Flash Memory

32MB Quad SPI Flash

Removable Storage

MicroSD Card


Gigabit Ethernet Port

User I/O

4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A Ports (1 Charging Port)

1x MicroUSB Console Port

Expansion Capabilities

x16 PCIe® Gen 3 Expansion Slot (8-lanes Useable)

M.2 M-Key Slot (PCIe Gen 3 x4) for NVME 2280 SSD Module

M.2 E-Key Slot (PCIe Gen 3 x1) for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Module

Board Form Factor

Industry Standard Mini-ITX


170 mm


170 mm


Using HiFive Unmatched

Advantages of HiFive Unmatched

If you’re a serious software developer, kernel developer, or Linux hacker, we can think of a few reasons to use this board:

  • Port software to the RISC‑V platform
  • Evaluate the SiFive U74‑MC SoC
  • Own the fastest RISC‑V SoC in the world
  • Want multi-core, Linux-capable RISC‑V hardware
  • Want to support open source hardware
  • Need to create the next great thing!