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HiFive1 Rev B

Based on the success of the SiFive HiFive1 and developer feedback, the SiFive HiFive1 Rev B is an Arduino-compatible development board featuring the SiFive Freedom E310-G002 (FE310-G002) SoC plus a ESP32-SOLO-1 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, making it the best way to prototype and develop RISC-V software for IoT and embedded applications. Designed for IoT and edge computing, the FE310-G002 instantiates a SiFive Essential™ E3 Series CPU Core Complex, a high performance 32-bit RV32IMAC core. Additional features include a 16KB L1 Instruction Cache, a 16KB Data SRAM scratchpad, hardware multiply/divide, a debug module compatible with the RISC-V debug spec 0.13, flexible clock generation with on-chip oscillators and PLLs, and a wide variety of peripherals including UARTs, I2C QSPI, PWMs, and timers. Multiple power domains and a low-power standby mode ensure a wide variety of applications can benefit from the FE310. The USB debugger has been upgraded to SEGGER J-Link-OB, adding support for drag & drop flash programming as well as SEGGER JLink integration with SiFive Freedom Studio, an Eclipse based IDE. Freedom Studio is packaged with a prebuilt toolchain and example software projects. Alternatively, the SiFive Freedom Tools download package includes a pre-built toolchain, debugger, and additional command line tools that can be plugged into your own bespoke development environment.

HiFive1 Rev B Features
and Specifications



Operating Voltage

3.3 V and 1.8 V

Input Voltage

5 V USB or 7-12 VDC Jack

IO Voltage

3.3 V

Digital I/O Pins


PWM Pins


SPI Controllers/HW CS Pins







WiFi/BT (off-chip)

External Interrupt Pins


External Wakeup Pins


Flash Memory

32 Mbit Off-Chip (ISSI SPI Flash)

Host Interface (microUSB)

Program, Debug, and Serial Communication


Segger J-Link, drag/drop code download


22 g


Freedom E310



68 mm


51 mm


Using HiFive1 Rev B


SchematicsAltium filesBOMFirmware

Why buy the HiFive1?

If you’re a software developer, system architect, hacker, or maker, we can think of a few reasons to buy this board:

  • Prototype Embedded/IoT application on RISC-V
  • Built-in wireless connectivity (WiFi, BT)
  • Drag and drop code download support
  • Support open source hardware
  • Create the next great thing!
Order HiFive1 Rev B ($65)

What People
are Saying

For those following the RISC‑V space, SiFive’s new Freedom E310 is a long-awaited milestone.

William Wong — Technical Editor, Penton Media

Sutter Hill Ventures

SiFive is providing innovative solutions that will fundamentally change the semiconductor industry.

Stefan Dyckerhoff — Sutter Hill Ventures, Managing Director