The SiFive Performance™ family of RISC-V processors is designed for maximum throughput, while preserving power efficiency for workloads as varied as branch-intensive operating systems, and multimedia processing. Ranging from 8-stage, dual-issue, in-order architectures equipped with 256-bit vector engines, to advanced three and four-issue out-of-order processors, with and without vector compute capabilities, with best-in-class industry benchmark performance, the SiFive Performance Family represents the future of compute.

SiFive Performance Family

  • Processor family delivering superior compute density and performance for modern workloads in an energy-efficient area footprint.
  • Mobile, Consumer, Datacenter and Edge Infrastructure

Highest performance four-issue, out-of-order RISC-V vector application processors series

High performance three-issue, out-of-order RISC-V vector application processor series

Highly efficient out-of-order RISC-V vector application processor series

Efficient performance vector application processor series

SiFive Performance
Target Markets

  • Mobile
  • Consumer and wearables
  • Datacenter
  • Edge infrastructure
  • Enterprise Switching/Routing/Storage
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Autonomous Machines and Robots
  • Smart Home
  • Industrial Automation
  • 5G Infrastructure/Base stations
  • AR/VR/XR

High Performance
RISC-V Processors

Balanced Performance

With the ever-expanding SiFive portfolio, RISC-V has rapidly evolved from its early market traction within the embedded processor market to take on the high-performance application space. SiFive is leading the way with our Performance family, a broad range of feature-rich-OS application processors, from the entry-level, dual-issue multistage pipeline P270 all the way up to the latest out-of-order processors.

Where power, footprint, and cost constraints generally override the need for high performance. Add to these constraints the complexity of delivering new RISC-V technology that stands shoulder to shoulder with advanced proprietary architectures, and it is clear that a large category of processor consumers has, before now, gone underserved without a variety of high-performance choices from the market.

SiFive Performance News

SiFive Raises RISC‑V performance bar with New Best-in-Class SiFive Performance P650 Processor

The SiFive Performance P650 processor is expected to be the fastest licensable RISC-V processor IP core in the market, bringing RISC-V into new markets and applications, and will debut to lead partners in Q1 2022.

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SiFive Performance P550 sets new standard as highest performance RISC‑V processor

New SiFive Performance Family of application processors offers best in class performance, area, and efficiency for a wide variety of markets

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The heart of SiFive is performance, intelligence, and essential

Introducing the new era of SiFive Performance for RISC-V, a blog by Patrick Little, SiFive CEO)

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Webinar introducing SiFive Performance Family

Introducing the SiFive Performance Family of Products

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