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SiFive Performance P400

The SiFive Performance™ P400-Series application processors are SiFive’s first efficiency-focused Out-of-Order processors. The P400-series is derived from the successful and mature P500-Series, with considerable finely-tuned optimizations for best-in-class performance efficiency and compute density.

The P470 vector application processor, with a 128-bit RISC-V Vector ALU, is capable of 2x the single thread performance of an Arm Cortex-A55, achieving >8 SpecINT2k6/GHz, still within similar area and power budgets, representing a significant upgrade to legacy efficiency class cores currently available. 

For applications that don't require vector compute, or for more area-constrained markets, the P450 offers similar performance levels in a smaller area footprint.

SiFive Performance P400-Series Key Features
  • Full support for the RVA22 RISC-V profile specification for enabling 64-bit apps processors running feature rich OS stacks such as Linux, Wear OS, and Android.
  • Best-in-class RISC-V performance efficiency
    • Coherent multi-core, multi-cluster processor configuration, up to 16 cores
    • Performance >8 SpecINT2k6/GHz, twice the single thread performance of the Arm® Cortex-A55® (P470 Processor)
    • 1x 128-bit RISC-V Vector ALU, compliant the ratified RISC-V Vector specification as well as the (P470 Processor)
    • RISC-V Vector Cryptography extension (P470 Processor)
  • P400-Series Architectural Features
    • 64-bit RISC-V core with extensive virtual memory support
    • Three issue, out-of-order pipeline tuned for scalable, highly efficient performance
    • Private L2 Caches and Streaming Prefetcher for improved memory performance
    • SECDED ECC with Error Reporting
  • Enabling next generation Wearable and Consumer applications
    • Advanced interrupt controller with support for MSI style interrupts and virtualization
    • System Level Virtualization IP
    • Cache stashing to L3 for tightly coupled accelerators
Core Evaluation

From idea to reality.

Ready to see your code in action? The SiFive Performance P400 Development Kit enables evaluation of SiFive RISC-V Core IP.

Key Deliverables

Evaluation RTL

  • Full-Functional, synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • Run it in your own simulator
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