The Gold Standard of RISC-V

SiFive was founded in California's Silicon Valley by the inventors of RISC-V, who have been developing the RISC-V instruction Set Architecture (ISA) since 2010. Focused on RISC-V solutions, that initial team of RISC-V innovators later founded SiFive.

Today we maintain the largest investment and team solely focused on RISC-V, and we deliver the broadest, most widely adopted portfolio of RISC-V products.

The RISC-V ecosystem is thriving, and virtually every major technology company has projects underway, across applications from embedded to mobile, AI and automotive..

Why chose RISC-V?

RISC-V is an open ISA designed for today’s modern software stacks. It delivers high-performance and excellent power efficiency across devices. With flexibility and strong benefits it caught on so quickly that it’s now among the top three compute standards.

Like Wi-Fi, or Linux or other open standards it is not a "technology". RISC-V International, the standards body does not sell or produce products.

The RISC-V benefits are clear:

Freedom & choice

  • There is no lock-in to a single supplier, with multiple choices from which to buy or make, and the ability to preserve those future choices.
  • Reuse of your software investment saves time and money.
  • The open standard allows you to innovate in many directions.  

Fastest growing ecosystem

  • Tap into the shared investment of >4000K RVI members and global collaborations such as RISE.
  • More CPU developers are working on RISC-V today than any other ISA 
  • Taught in the world's top universities, it is the ISA of choice in countries like China, India, and Japan

Technical superiority

  • The reduced (smaller) instruction set has many advantages
  •  Highly efficient PPA allows for better compute density
  • Clean, modern ISA features (e.g . Vectors)
  • Robust security  
  • Proven in billions of devices

If you need more reasons, RISC-V also brings better ability to design custom silicon, virtually unlimited possibilities, faster time to market and the lowest overall cost, which is why so many have made the switch, and more change every day.

SiFive innovation in microarchitecture design and configurability has created an industry-leading portfolio of RISC-V processor cores. To take full advantage of leading process technology, you need lean, workload-tuned silicon that you can agilely develop based on open standards.

See how the SiFive® Core IP portfolio of RISC-V processor cores deliver all of these benefits with unmatched configurability.