SiFive Intelligence

SiFive Intelligence X280

The SiFive® Intelligence™ X280 is a multi-core capable RISC-V processor with vector extensions and SiFive Intelligence Extensions and is optimized for AI/ML compute at the edge.

In addition to ML inferencing, it is ideal for applications requiring high-throughput, single-thread performance while under power constraints (e.g., AR, VR, sensor hubs, IVI systems, IP cameras, digital cameras, gaming devices).

SiFive Intelligence X280 Key Features
  • SiFive Intelligence Extensions for ML workloads
    • BF16/FP16/FP32/FP64, int8 to 64 fixed-point data types
  • 512-bit vector register length:
    • Variable length operations, up to 512-bits of data per cycle
    • Ideal balance of control logic and data parallel compute
  • Built on silicon-proven U7 series core:
    • 64-bit RISC-V ISA
    • 8-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline
    • Coherent multi-core, Linux capable
  • High performance vector memory subsystem
    • Memory parallelism provides cache miss tolerance
    • Virtual memory support with precise exceptions
    • Up to 48-bit addressing

Intelligence X280 Development Kit

Dev Kit Deliverables

  • RTL Evaluation
  • Test Bench RTL
  • Software Development Kit
  • FPGA Bitstream
  • Documentation
Core Evaluation

From idea to reality.

Ready to see your code in action? The SiFive Intelligence X280 Development Kit enables evaluation of SiFive RISC-V Core IP.

Key Deliverables

Evaluation RTL

  • Full-Functional, synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • Run it in your own simulator
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