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SiFive leverages the open RISC-V standard to deliver superior high-performance, low-power compute density for wearables and other consumer devices, datacenters, edge compute, and automotive and aerospace applications.


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Our technology helps chip makers accelerate the design cycle, reduce risk and cost. Standardize on an established, accepted model.

Our Reach Spans the Globe

Headquartered in California, we attract global top talent eager to help solve the industry's biggest challenges. We work collaboratively, quickly and intelligently to solve problems, so you can confidently build exactly what you need—with the velocity you require. Partner with SiFive to maximize innovation and differentiation for your technology, your products, and your business.


We Help Drive the Global Ecosystem

By supporting the open standard RISC-V architecture, the last ISA that will ever matter, SiFive helps spur innovation across a broad community of thousands while also ensuring our customers benefit from the high-performance evolution of our IP, ecosystem, extensions, and tools.

Focused on Your Success

Our unwavering commitment to superior products and customer support allows you to maximize innovation and differentiation with confidence.

Our Quality Policy

SiFive’s mission is to create the best computing solutions in the world to enable our customers to deliver differentiated, best-in-class products in the markets they serve. Our focus is on providing product excellence, predictable execution, and outstanding customer support. We comply with commitments to our customers, requirements of regulatory agencies, and our own business processes. We are committed to continually improving our products, services, and our business processes.

A true U.S. innovation success story, we were founded in the Silicon Valley, by the inventors of RISC-V. More than 350 design wins attest to our ability to meet previously unachievable performance, power, and area target combinations for today’s most challenging workloads. For some applications, SiFive cores deliver comparable performance to equivalent Arm cores with much lower power consumption in a smaller area. Best of all, they give you total control of design, build, and everything else. > 2 Billion devices benefit from chips built with SiFive IP.

Customers choose RISC-V because:

  • It’s a modern architecture for today’s workloads
  • Designers can adapt the open standard ISA for their specific needs on Microsoft or Linux systems
  • No vendor lock-in and flexible and portable software
  • The ISA evolves with customer requirements
  • Provides superior compute density in terms of performance per watt

SiFive is at the forefront of RISC-V, partnering with some of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, global hyperscale data centers, and leading consumer device companies.

Based on this collaboration, we deliver the CPU architecture you need to innovate faster as you develop wearables, automotive and aerospace technology, and other consumer devices. Here’s just some of what SiFive delivers:

  • Innovative RISC-V CPU IP for the semiconductor industry
  • Development of application-specific silicon faster than ever
  • The full potential of the open RISC-V architecture, unleashed at scale

The SiFive Core IP portfolio meets your application specific needs with four distinct processor families based on the RISC-V ISA and offering scalar and vector high-performance solutions

SiFive Performance™

A family of high-performance, area-optimized application processors that delivers unparalleled speed and energy efficiency with a small footprint. The highest performance RISC-V processor IP commercially available today

SiFive Intelligence™

Designed to address the future requirements of AI technology, with high performance scalar and vector compute capability. Intelligence processors are changing the way people architect dataflows with power efficient, small footprint, high performance compute. Combined with the Performance family, a popular choice for demanding AI workloads.

SiFive Automotive™

High-end applications and deterministic real time processors tailored for automotive applications with leading performance in the smallest area, with optimized power consumption. Automotive meet the latest and evolving vehicle requirements and specific needs for best in class functional safety, security, and performance, all supported with complete ISO26262 Functional Safety Packages and associated documentation.

SiFive Essential™

A RISC-V processor family that gives you the freedom to start with a standard, pre-defined core, or to employ SiFive Core Designer to build your own processor configuration.


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