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March 2018

SiFiveMar 6, 2018

The SiFive Download - Are you ready to UNLEASH your genius?

We’re heading to the Embedded Linux Conference next week, March 12-14, to hold our first hackathon. Developers will be among the first to run code on the HiFive Unleashed board with a chance to take home a board of their own and win a $1,000 cash prize.

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SiFiveMar 3, 2018

All Aboard, Part 11: RISC-V Hackathon, Presented by SiFive

Date: Monday, March 12 – Wednesday, March 14
Time: 10:30am Monday – 1:00pm Wednesday
Location: Embedded Linux Conference, Hilton Portland Downtown, Skyline II, Floor 23

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SiFiveMar 1, 2018

Welcome Aboard, Sunil Shenoy!

As our business continues to grow, the people we hire continue to impact and shape our business more and more.

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