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September 2019

SiFiveSep 26, 2019

Making It Easy To Get It Right

Today, SiFive is excited to announce the general availability of the Q3 2019 Engineering Update, packed with new features, tools, and improvements. In the first SiFive quarterly update, we discussed the transition from the “Information Age” to the “Experience Age.” In the Q3 Engineering Update, SiFive is delivering on our customer experience mantra: “Make It Easy” and “Get It Right.” - two principles at the heart of our Sales, FAE, and Engineering mindset for supporting and enabling our customers.

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SiFiveSep 17, 2019

Supporting A World Leading RISC-V IP Portfolio

The second SiFive quarterly engineering release has arrived, and includes some great new Trace & Debug features. Static source code analysis may not offer a complete view of real world operation. Real time analysis enabled via tracing permits a deeper insight into the interactions of software and hardware to accelerate development, debug, validation of modern, configurable SoC designs.

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SiFiveSep 11, 2019

NVDLA Deep Learning Inference Compiler is Now Open Source

Designing new custom hardware accelerators for deep learning is clearly popular, but achieving state-of-the-art performance and efficiency with a new design is a complex and challenging problem.

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