Radically reducing design costs and increasing number of new innovative designs

Today, the upfront cost of acquiring IP is a huge barrier to building new System-on-Chips (SoCs). Before a prototype can be conceived, companies must search for viable IP, negotiate complex legal contracts with multiple IP vendors, and pay significant NRE and licensing costs. The amount of upfront and human capital required to build a viable product discourages companies from starting new designs.

As a result, IP vendors have a declining pool of potential clients. Additionally, to deal with the problem of IP theft, IP vendors create long, complex legal contracts and require significant human capital to protect their IP.

It is time for a better business model.

What is DesignShare?

DesignShare provides efficient and pre-integrated solutions that can make prototyping much more accessible to teams of all sizes.

With DesignShare, customers incorporate world-class IP into their prototypes without having to pay for IP costs upfront.

Once the design is ready for mass production, customers will then pay for the cost of IP.

Why IP companies join DesignShare

Boost Sales Funnel

Tap into the large and growing pool of companies building RISC-V SoC’s on the SiFive Freedom Platform.

Reduce Cost of Doing Business

Lower business development, sales, and legal costs by providing IP on a standard platform. SiFive also manages all NRE’s and royalty collections.

Protect IP

Reduce IP theft and unreported usage. IP only goes out as finished chips. No GDSII or RTL leaves SiFive servers

Prove IP Quality on Thousands of Chips

Demonstrate and validate the robustness of your IP on many production-quality silicon.

How DesignShare works

  • Integrate IP into DesignShare platform
  • Determine pricing that meets your business model
  • SiFive builds custom prototype SoCs with IP in DesignShare
  • IP support can be offered as an add-on
  • SiFive delivers mass production chips
  • SiFive collects and pays NRE and royalties to all involved IP partners

How Customers benefit from DesignShare

Build a Viable Product with IP Risk-Free

Dramatically lower initial development costs and design with silicon-proven IP.

Get Clear, Upfront Pricing

Production pricing is provided up front, with standard licensing terms that eliminate complex and costly negotiations.

Partner with Industry Leaders

SiFive has already partnered with leading IP vendors to provide IP blocks and tools needed to bring new designs to realization faster and cheaper.