At SiFive, we believe that when open source meets hardware, a whole new range of applications become possible. We invite the makers, the inventors, and the creators. Join us and discover Freedom.

The Industry

It's time to reverse the trend of increasing costs, zero customization, and difficult to access silicon.

We believe the semiconductor industry needs to change. A new approach is needed, one that leverages open-source and democratizes access to all the inventors and dreamers out there today.

Open Source

It's time for semiconductors to embrace open source.

Open source has proven its technical and business benefits to the software world. Why hasn't it done the same yet for semiconductors and hardware?


It's time for RISC-V to take center stage.

Not just free and open, RISC-V is a well-designed, modern, clean ISA. Supported by nearly 50 companies in the RISC-V Foundation and designed for today's software stacks and circuit designs, RISC-V is poised to be the standard ISA for all computing devices.

Democratizing Access

It's time for dreamers and creators to get access to custom, state of the art silicon.

The dream of custom silicon is reserved for those with extremely deep pockets or a high volume guarantee. We believe there is an entire group of underserved makers, inventors, and companies that would benefit from custom silicon.

Why Now?

It's time for a new business model.

Economically, Moore's law has ended. The cost per transistor is increasing with each new process node. The cost to start a new design has grown exponentially due to licensing, design, and implementation costs. The semiconductor industry is consolidating at record rates.

Freedom Platform

It's time for your custom chip.

Built around the most advanced RISC-V Cores in the world, the Freedom Platform is the industry's first open-source chip platform.

Discover Freedom