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Want to help democratize access to custom, state-of-art chips? Want to enable startups, companies, inventors, and makers like to find whole new range of applications? Enjoy working with really, really, smart people? Join us.

This candidate will have taped-out multiple chips using different flows and process nodes. With a detailed understanding of the current tools and methodologies used in industry, our candidate, while fully capable of taping out many designs quickly, is unsatisfied with the state of affairs and wants to greatly improve physical design methodology. Apply
We believe the world should not be divided between design engineers and verification engineers. Verification methodology engineers have a meticulous attention to detail and understand that ensuring correctness of a design begins at the start of the design phase. The verification methodology engineer realizes that correctness comes not only from post-design verification using testbenches, random vectors, and formal verification, but also from better design principles, common practices, habits, and engineering discipline. Apply
Do you enjoy both hardware engineering and software engineering? Do you think your knowledge of the interaction between hardware and software allows you to make the right tradeoffs between complicating and simplifying hardware versus software? Maybe you're a software engineer that has been frustrated by the underlying hardware and wants to fix it. Or maybe you're a hardware engineer that's flabbergasted by software's inability to take advantage of the hardware? If that's you, come join us and change the way the industry builds computer systems. Apply
The ideal candidate for this position would have a passion for building chips, but is not afraid to learn new things such as the Chisel hardware construction language. Inquisitive and knowledgeable, this candidate is versatile and has worked on many different components, including various processing units, bus architectures, and peripherals. Knowledge of how software interacts with hardware allows this candidate to make good design decisions. If this is you, join us. Apply
Our software engineers understand how to simplify the world. An expert in working with many different technologies, this candidate understands open-source software and is excited to bridge that to the open-source hardware world. This candidate will evangelize RISC-V to open-source software communities while simultaneously developing and contributing RISC-V code for open-source software projects. Apply

This is a hybrid role that combines the responsibility of a traditional FAE along with that of technical sales. You will be responsible for providing technical support and working with prospective and current customers in both a pre-sales and post-sales role. The ideal candidate will have spent time supporting CPU IP Products in the past.

In the pre-sales role, you will work directly with potential customers to provides various pre-sale activities to develop and win new licensing and design-in opportunities for SiFive’s products, including RISC-V based CPU licensing.

In the post-sales role, you will be responsible for working with the customer to provide front line support.

It is important to develop strong, professional relationships with the key engineers, architects, and decision-makers at our partners and customer organizations. You will also participate in defining new products and/or services to meet the needs of customers. You will be is expected to maintain a high standard of technical knowledge in relation to SiFive and its products, services, and competitors.



POSITION DUTIES: Participate in project conception through final production of custom-built microprocessors. Design a System-on-Chip (SoC) infrastructure and write matching RTL for diverse cache-coherent processors with parameterizable memory system components, peripheral devices, and I/O subsystems using functional hardware description languages. Specify and implement a bus interconnect that can integrate the above SoC components. Port and implement kernel drivers and software packages for the customized SoC. As required while fulfilling the above duties, modification of the hardware and software toolchains will be necessary.
DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Ph.D. or its foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: C/C++ Middleware; FPGA Gateware; Kernel Drivers; Functional programming; Consistency and Multicast protocols; System-on-Chip (SoC) bus design; Integration experience with PCI express and USB.

Skills may be gained through academic coursework and concurrently while pursuing academic studies.
300 Brannan Street, Suite 403
San Francisco, CA 94107
300 Brannan Street, Suite 403
San Francisco, CA 94107

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