Front End & Deployment Engineer

As a Front End and Deployment Engineer  in the Platform Engineering Technologies team, you will be responsible for applying novel tooling for System-on-Chip (SoC) design to real design, verification, or physical design problems. You will apply your hardware experience and programming language enthusiasm to influence the design of domain-specific languages for hardware design. You will participate in the open source Chisel ( and CIRCT ( communities while ensuring that SiFive engineers have the best tools to build and verify advanced RISC-V CPUs, IPs, and SoCs. You will be part of a tight-knit, supportive, challenge-loving team who likes to learn and apply new technologies to change the paradigm of designing custom silicon.

  • Responsibilities:

  • Be a first user of in-house tooling for enhanced hardware design, verification, and physical design 
  • Participate in design discussions and give directed feedback to the wider team of language designers and architects to influence implementation directions
  • Contribute to the development and enhance embedded Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) in Scala, etc, along with associated build tooling, for use by hardware industry professionals 
  • Participate in open source communities such as Chisel and LLVM CIRCT. 
  • Requirements:

  • Experience in hardware design, verification, and/or physical design flows
  • Experience with and/or willingness to learn functional programming languages
  • Experience working in a collaborative environment – good communication skills