SiFive Automotive
X280-A Series

The SiFive Automotive™ X280-A Series is designed for high performance applications requiring advanced vector compute capabilities. A power efficient high performance 64-bit applications processor that is fully-compliant with both the RISC-V ISA and RISC-V Vector ISA (Version 1.0).

SiFive Automotive Family

  • Broadest range of optimized RISC-V safety processors (ISO26262 ASIL B, ASIL D and split-lock)
  • ADAS/AD, IVI, Body, Powertrain, Central Compute
  • Safety Islands

SiFive Automotive
X280-A Series Features

 The SiFive Automotive X280-A Series is fully optimized for area, performance, and efficiency. Building on the robust foundations of the hugely successful SiFive Intelligence X280, the design of the X280-A Series offers industry best-in-class functional safety support as a Safety Element out of Context to enable use in applications with Automotive Safety Integrity Level (as per ISO26262) up to ASIL B and ASIL D.

The finely tuned combination of out-of-the-box features and design scalability ensures designers can achieve the optimal balance of power, performance, and area while achieving the fastest time to market.

SiFive Automotive
X280-A Series Key Features

  • 64-bit RISC-V ISA. 8-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline
  • ASIL B and ASIL D area optimised product variants
  • Functional Safety Package and Independent Assessment
  • Vector Processing for AI dataflow workloads
  • SiFive Intelligence Extensions, custom instructions that accelerate AI/ML performance critical operations
  • 512-bit vector register length processor
  • RISC-V Vectors variable vector length computation supported, up to 4096-bits
  • Linux capable Applications processor. MMU, Caching architecture
  • High performance memory subsystem
  • Multi-layer Caching support for optimum data movement
  • Virtual memory support, up to 48-bit addressing
  • Multi-core processor configuration with up to 16-cores

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