SiFive Intelligence

Highly optimized for generative AI applications running Transformer based NN models that enables highly efficient and simple system designs. Ideal companion to custom NN hardware accelerators using high-throughput VCIX interface.

Market leading performance/power efficiency with RISC-V Vectors, full AI solution with optimized libraries, OpenXLA, compilers and support of Frameworks and NN models.

SiFive Intelligence Family

  • High-performance AI dataflow processor with scalable vector compute capabilities.
  • AI workloads, data flow management, object detection, speech and recommendation processing.

SiFive Intelligence
X380 Key Features

  • RISC-V Vector extension supported
  • 512-bit VLEN, DLEN 256-bit
    - Single / Dual Vector ALU
    - VCIX
  • SiFive Intelligence Extensions for ML workloads
    - Custom instructions to greatly accelerate Neural Network computation
    - Optimized neural network libraries and Open XLA support
  • 512-bit vector register length processor
    - Variable length operations, up to 512-bits of data per cycle
    - Ideal balance of control logic and data parallel compute
    - Decoupled Vector pipeline
    - INT8 to INT64 integer data type
    - BF16/FP16/FP32/FP64 floating point data type
  • Built on silicon-proven U7-Series core
    - 64-bit RISC-V ISA
    - 8-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline
    - Coherent multi-core, Linux capable
  • High performance vector memory subsystem
    - Shared L2 Cache architecture optimized for vector compute
    - Dedicated uncached data movement port
  • Multi-core processor configuration, up to 4 cores
  • VCIX interface for direct connectivity of external hardware accelerator (1024-bit write, 512-bit read)

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