SiFive Intelligence

Building on the highly popular SiFive Intelligence™ X280 products’ success in AI/ML applications across mobile, infrastructure and automotive applications, where they are frequently coupled to hardware accelerators. The X390 brings a 4x improvement to vector computation with its single core configuration, with doubled vector length and dual vector ALUs.

There is also 4x the sustained data bandwidth increase due to architecture improvements and data width increases. With SiFive VCIX, companies can easily add their own vector instructions and/or acceleration hardware, bringing unprecedented flexibility and allowing them to greatly increase performance with custom instructions.

SiFive Intelligence Family

  • High-performance AI dataflow processor with scalable vector compute capabilities.
  • AI workloads, data flow management, object detection, speech and recommendation processing.

SiFive Intelligence
X390 Key Features

  • RISC-V Vector extension supported
  • 1024-bit VLEN
    - Single / Dual Vector ALU
    - VCIX
  • 512-bit DLEN
  • SiFive Intelligence Extensions for ML workloads
    - Custom instructions to greatly accelerate Neural Network computation
    - Optimized neural network libraries and Open XLA support
  • 1024-bit vector register length processor
    - Variable length operations, up to 512-bits of data per cycle
    - Ideal balance of control logic and data parallel compute
    - Decoupled Vector pipeline
    - INT8 to INT64 integer data type
    - BF16/FP16/FP32/FP64 floating point data type
  • Built on silicon-proven U7-Series core
    - 64-bit RISC-V ISA
    - 8-stage dual-issue in-order pipeline
    - Coherent multi-core, Linux capable
  • High performance vector memory subsystem
    - Shared L2 Cache architecture optimized for vector compute
    - Dedicated uncached data movement port
  • Multi-core processor configuration, up to 4 cores
  • VCIX interface for direct connectivity of external hardware accelerator (2048 bit write, 1024 bit read)

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