S5 series


The SiFive S51 Standard Core is a 64-bit embedded processor, fully compliant with the RISC-V ISA. A small-footprint, low-power design makes the S51 ideal for devices that require a tiny system controller in a larger 64-bit SoC. The S51 can also be used as a standalone controller for networking, storage, or other high-performance embedded applications

Key Features
  • Fully compliant with the RISC-V ISA specification
  • RV64IMAC Support
    • RV64I – 64-bit RISC-V with 32 integer registers
    • Integer Multiplication and Division (M) support
    • Atomic Mode (A) support for high-performance, portable software
    • Compressed Mode (C) support for better code density
  • Machine and User Mode Support
  • In-order, 5-6 stage variable pipeline
  • Advanced Memory Subsystem
    • 16KB, 2-way Instruction Cache
    • Instruction Tightly Integrated Memory (ITIM) option
    • Up to 64KB Data Tightly Integrated Memory (DTIM) support
  • Support for up to 40 physical address bits
  • Efficient and Flexible Interrupts
    • Local interrupts w/ vectored addresses — up to 16
    • Platform Level Interrupt Controller (PLIC) — 511 interrupts w/ 7 priority levels
    • RISC-V Core Local Interruptor (CLINT) — 1 timer, 1 SW
  • 8-Region Physical Memory Protection (PMP)
  • High performance AMBA or TileLink Interface
  • 1.7 DMIPS/MHz
  • 3.01 CoreMark/MHz

Power, Performance,
and Area

28nm HPC
55nm LP
Core-Only Areaa
0.063 mm²
0.177 mm²
Core Complex Areab
0.126 mm²
0.360 mm²
870 MHz (Worst)
340 MHz (Worst)
Core Complex Powerc
6.8 mW
10.9 mW

Note: Area and power numbers do not include RAMs. Area numbers are from 200MHz Post-Route at worst setup corner.

a. Core only includes the core pipeline, and L1 memory interfaces.

b. Core Complex includes the Core plus PLIC w/255 irq and 7 priority levels, Debug w/ 4 hw breakpoints, CLINT, internal bus and AXI ports.

c. Dhyrstone @ 200MHz TT Vnom 25C.

Compare with
ARM Cortex-R5

S5 Series
Up to 8 Cores
Up to 2 Cores
Interrupt Controller
Included; pre-integrated
Licensed separately; requires integration
L2 Cache Controller
Included (optional); pre-integrated
Licensed separately; requires integration

Development Kit

Dev Kit Deliverables

  • RTL Evaluation
  • Test Bench RTL
  • Software Development Kit
  • FPGA Bitstream
  • Documentation
Series Overview

S5 Series

The S5 Series offers 64‑bit RISC‑V performance with 32‑bit power and area. The S5 core has a 5-6 stage pipeline, offering a great balance between performance and efficiency.

S5 Series

Key Features

  • Up to 8 coherent S5 Cores and optional L2 Cache Controller
  • Configurable core performance
  • Double precision Floating Point Unit
  • Level 1 Memory System and ECC
  • Number, type, and width of bus interfaces


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Motor Control
  • Inductral Automation
  • Storage
  • High-performance embedded

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