San Mateo, CA

Software Engineer, Chisel Frameworks

SiFive is looking for software engineers and software-oriented hardware engineers who are passionate about building tools and frameworks for creating massively customizable hardware generators. We're injecting ideas from the software industry into the hardware industry, which we believe is the only way to provide vast configurability with unmatched agility.
We build and maintain a number of frameworks centered around the Chisel hardware construction language, embedded in the Scala language. While Chisel provides a baseline for describing parameterizable hardware, we've also built frameworks for painlessly composing individual hardware blocks into larger systems and subsystems.
No prior experience with hardware design necessary, only a desire to learn about a new problem domain!

The Challenge

  • Taming the complexity involved with building an extremely large configuration space of hardware designs
  • Identifying opportunities to apply agile software development practices to hardware development
  • Building tools and frameworks that are accessible to everyone


  • Adding new features to the Chisel and Firrtl languages to capture richer semantics about hardware
  • Creating the frameworks for hierarchically composing hardware components and supporting supporting distributed hardware design
  • Designing and maintaining well-defined APIs with versioned releases
  • Ensuring that knowledge is shared via great documentation and promoting a culture of teaching others

What you bring to the challenge

  • Care for developer productivity and the quick feedback loops
  • An obsession with good interfaces and data models
  • A focus on user experience
  • Proficiency in different styles of programming languages, such as scripting languages, functional languages, low-level languages

Nice to have

  • Experience with Verilog, System Verilog, or VDHL
  • Experience with semiconductor hardware development
  • Contributions to open source tools and libraries
  • Experience with Chisel, Scala, designing DSLs
SiFive is proud to be an equal employment opportunity workplace. We offer a competitive compensation package that includes flexible paid time off, health, vision and dental benefits, 401(k) plan, employee stock option program, and much more. If you yearn to be challenged and wish to work in an environment where the boundaries of your creativity and skills will be tested, then SiFive is place for you.