San Mateo, CA

UNIX-Class SoC Chip Lead

As a UNIX-Class SoC Software Chip Lead in the RISC-V Software Team, you will participate in definition of SiFive’s UNIX-Class SoCs, along with the development of runtime software for those SoCs. We work closely with the open source community to drive RISC-V software development as we build the most advanced RISC-V systems in the world. When you join our team, you will be right at the bleeding edge of RISC-V SoC development and have a chance to determine what the future looks like as you work with hardware engineers to define the future of SiFive’s UNIX-Class SoCs.

The challenge

  • Drive the design of SiFive’s UNIX-Class SoCs from the software side.
  • Ensure the SoCs we build are able to meet application demands.
  • Collaborate with the SoC hardware teams to ensure our chips work correctly and are delivered on time.

What you bring

  • A bare minimum of 10 years of recent experience with software development for complex SoCs.
  • A history of working with hardware engineers to design working systems.
  • Very good understanding of SoC bringup and validation.