Software Development Tools
Simplifying how you program your RISC-V hardware

SiFive provides everything needed for developing and debugging software for your SiFive RISC-V Core IP or Freedom SoC chips. Best of all, we keep track of all the latest and greatest updates to the ecosystem, so you can develop with the knowledge that you’re using the best open-source tools.

RISC-V software development has never been simpler.

Freedom Studio

Freedom Studio is the fastest way to get started programming your SiFive hardware. Freedom Studio is built on top of the popular Eclipse IDE and packaged with a prebuilt toolchain and example projects from the Freedom E SDK. Freedom Studio is compatible with all SiFive products including the HiFive1, the Freedom E300 Arty FPGA Dev Kit, and more.

Freedom Studio v20170616 (beta2)

Freedom Studio Manual

A project open in the Freedom Studio IDE

Freedom E SDK

We know how much of a pain it is to program and benchmark unfamiliar hardware. That's why we've created the Freedom E SDK, a repository of demo programs, industry standard benchmarks, and board support packages (BSPs) for our hardware platforms. Running benchmark code on our HiFive1 board or our Freedom E300 Arty FPGA Dev Kit is as easy as building a single Makefile target.

And the best part is? It's completely open source and available on GitHub.

Get Freedom E SDK on GitHub

Prebuilt RISC-V GCC Toolchain

Save time by using one of our prebuilt toolchains which contain all the tools necessary to compile and debug programs on SiFive products. Our toolchain distributions have been carefully packaged to support both 32-bit and 64-bit ISAs.

Try it out today:

SiFive GNU Embedded Toolchain v20170612

Source code available on GitHub

SiFive OpenOCD v20170612

Source code available on GitHub