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Relentless Innovation Across the SiFive IP Portfolio

SiFive is leading the RISC-V Revolution with the industry’s broadest RISC-V Core IP portfolio, from the SiFive® Essential™ family that includes the small and efficient 2-series, to the embedded and realtime-capable 3- and 5-Series, to the high-performance 7-Series, SiFive Performance™ cores, and SiFive Intelligence™ cores for vector processing, and beyond. SiFive recognizes that it takes more than great Core IP to make our customers successful, so we make it easy to integrate, productize, and secure their SoCs by offering SiFive Shield security solutions, SiFive Insight advanced embedded trace and debug (compatible and validated with all leading 3rd party tool vendors), and world-class customer support.

Hardware at the Speed of Software

SiFive’s cadence of regular IP releases enables designers to plan around a predictable roadmap, with every release bringing portfolio-wide innovation configured and delivered through SiFive Core Designer. SiFive’s innovative methodology and automation enable us to innovate quickly and adapt to our portfolio of IP to customers’ and the markets’ requirements without sacrificing product maturity. In contrast, legacy IP vendors force customers to license new products for access to most new features and IP improvements.

The SiFive Core IP release naming convention is as follows: yyGn, where yy is the last two digits of the year, G means General Release, and n is the release number in that year; for example, “21G2" is the second general release in 2021. In addition, SiFive may occasionally issue update releases between general releases; these would look like “20G1 6.0 Update.”

For example, SiFive’s 21G1 Core IP release delivered significant PPA improvements across the entire SiFive Core IP portfolio, offering up to:

  • 35% more performance (bit manipulation)
  • 25% smaller code size
  • Easier SoC integration

The 21G1 release also introduced enhancements with flexibility in memory map definition, as well as larger virtual and physical addressing ranges, allowing support for a wider range of multi-core SoC architectures.

You can find out more about these releases in our Blog and Videos below



20G1 6.0 Update




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