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SiFive Mix+Match

Enabling In-cluster Coherent Combination of Real-time and Application Processors

SiFive’s Mix+Match is an industry first technology enabling in-cluster coherent combination of real-time and application processors. SiFive® Core IP enables combining S-series real-time embedded cores with U-series application cores for a true heterogeneous core complex. This enables a massive reduction in inter-process communication latency, power, and in intra-cluster messaging bandwidth. Mix+Match has been used commercially in diverse applications from Machine Learning to Storage controllers to Real-time Linux applications for Edge deployments and mission-critical workloads.

SiFive Mix+Match – Combining Embedded & Application Cores

SiFive Mix+Match enables real-time processors and applications processors to share the same memory space, enabling faster and more efficient sharing of data, as well as interprocessor communications. This leads to improved throughput for real-time workloads. SiFive Mix+Match also enables efficient performance by allowing application processors to focus on compute intensive tasks as well as HMI and connectivity when needed, while always-on embedded cores can quickly respond to and process sensor data.

Why SiFive Mix+Match Architecture?

Microchip’s PolarFire® SoC architecture takes advantage of SiFive’s Mix+Match technology to enable real-time Linux. Microchip combines SiFive’s U-Series cores with S-series cores in Mix+Match mode to enable a versatile mix of deterministic real-time systems and Linux in a single multi-core coherent CPU cluster. Deterministic performance is a key requirement for mission-critical markets such as Avionics, Aerospace, and high performance networking, like 5G.

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