SiFive - April 17, 2018

Dover Microsystems Brings Real-Time Chip Security to SiFive’s DesignShare

Boy have we been busy. Over the last few months, our DesignShare ecosystem has continued to expand, and, this week, we were excited to welcome Dover Microsystems into the program.

Through DesignShare, developers now have access to Dover Microsystems’ CoreGuard Silicon IP, which enables processors to defend themselves in real-time from all network-based attacks. CoreGuard prevents illegal instructions from executing before any damage can be done. Its security rules define the difference between legal and illegal instructions, and can be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of systems.

Since we launched DesignShare in August, we’ve added several silicon and hardware IP to the DesignShare economy. Today, system designers can find and access the following technologies:

  • Cryptography technology by Rambus
  • Embedded analytics IP by UltraSoC
  • Embedded FPGA IP by Flex Logix
  • Embedded memory by eMemory
  • Precision PLL and SERDES IP by Analog Bits
  • Low-power GPU IP by Think Silicon
  • USB 3.1 IP by Corigine
  • Serial interconnect IP blocks by Mobiveil
  • And now, CoreGuard Silicon IP by Dover Microsystems

Each company participating in DesignShare shares SiFive’s passion for and vision to lower the barriers to entry that traditionally have blocked users from developing custom silicon. We’re excited to bring our visions together to lead the revolution of open source hardware.

Are you interested in being a part of the revolution? Let’s talk!

Learn more about Dover Microsystems’ participation in DesignShare.