SiFive - February 29, 2020

Our SiFive Tech Symposiums in Costa Rica and Mexico Underscore the Global Adoption of the RISC-V ISA in Industry and Academia

Our SiFive Tech Symposiums in San José, Costa Rica and Mexico City, Mexico were well attended by not only those in industry, but in academia as well. There is a great deal of enthusiasm and engagement in RISC-V in both of these regions. Many new friendships were formed, and we look forward to the continued networking and idea sharing that open source brings to the hardware community.

Western Digital co-hosted the symposium in Costa Rica, which was co-located with LASCAS 2020, the flagship conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society in Latin America. Those who attended the presentations and participated in the hands-on workshop included folks from Intel, HP and Wind River, as well as graduate students and professors from Central and Latin American countries. One of the highlights was the keynote presentation by Gerardo Bertero, senior director at Western Digital, who spoke about memory architecture and how RISC-V is being used within Western Digital.

With the Computer Research Center at National Polytechnic University (CIC-IPN) as our co-host, the symposium in Mexico City drew over 70 attendees. This symposium was predominantly geared toward academia and was heavily attended by students and professors from a variety of disciplines. One of the highlights was the presentation by Professor Marco Ramirez Salinas who outlined the magnitude of RISC-V research taking place at the university. It was very impressive to hear about the university’s accomplishments with RISC-V.

We’d like to offer our gratitude to both Western Digital and CIC-IPN for co-hosting these symposiums with us.

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