SiFive - March 13, 2019

The First Leg of our Global Symposiums is a Wrap, and it was an Enormous Success!

We welcomed over 600 attendees to the SiFive Tech Symposiums in Austin, Mountain View and Boston. The feedback we received is flattering. We heard comments like, “You guys are going bold, and we love it!” and “SiFive has built a solid team with good breadth of business and technology expertise,” and “Very different take – and someone is addressing the pain point for hardware folks, finally!” There was a great deal of energy in the crowd, and people were thoroughly engaged all day long. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights:

One of the things that stood out as truly unique about the symposiums is that they were very interactive events with a lot of audience participation. SiFive’s SoC IP partners, many of whom were in the audience, were recognized for their contributions to DesignShare, which is SiFive’s platform that makes world-class IP from leading vendors accessible to designers, thus streamlining procurement and removing barriers to entry for SoC design. As a result of these events, three new IP partners signed on to DesignShare, further expanding and building the strength of the IP ecosystem. Another opportunity for participant engagement came when SiFive was presenting on its Core Designer product, which allows designers to use a cloud-based platform to configure customized RISC-V core IP. Volunteers from the audience came onto the stage and used the platform to design their own RISC-V core IP unique to their application, which they successfully and easily accomplished quickly. The demos and showcases at each event garnered a lot of attention as well, with a steady stream of people asking questions and engaging in the displays.

People were definitely impressed by the quality of the speakers and their presentations, and how they represented the magnitude of the RISC-V core IP and its ecosystem. The speakers ranged from leaders in the RISC-V Foundation, to CEOs and senior-level executives who shared their successes in enabling RISC-V based innovation through custom SoC solutions, cores and IP, development platforms, processors, tools and more. There were also presentations by those in the trenches of RISC-V academic research who talked about the latest RISC-V research projects taking place at some of the country’s most renowned university laboratories. These symposiums were made possible by our many co-hosts, partners and customers. Each and every one of them was instrumental in escalating the caliber of the symposiums into the realm of a world-class event. They fostered education, networking and idea sharing, all of which make up the cornerstone of the open-source community. We are grateful for their support. The next destinations on our global tour are China, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. To learn more, or to register for the event closest to you, please visit

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