November 26, 2018

PLDA Offers XpressRICH PCIe and CCIX Controller IP Through SiFive DesignShare Program

Latest contribution to ecosystem enables connectivity solutions for storage, networking, artificial intelligence, accelerators and high-performance computing applications

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov. 26, 2018 – SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that PLDA, the leader in PCIe and CCIX Controller IP solutions has joined the DesignShare™ ecosystem. Through this collaboration, PLDA will provide its rich suite of XpressRICH core IP that enables high-speed connectivity solutions for many applications like enterprise storage, networking, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence to name a few.

PLDA's extensive suite of IP includes PCIe controllers, which can be configured to support endpoint, root port, and dual-mode topologies, allowing for a variety of use models, and exposes a configurable, flexible interconnect interface to the user. The provided Graphical User Interface (GUI) Wizard allows designers to tailor the IP to their exact requirements, by enabling, disabling and adjusting a vast array of parameters, including number, type and width of AXI interfaces, PIPE interface width, low-power support, SR-IOV, ECC and AER for optimal throughput, latency, size and power. Users may optionally enable a built-in DMA engine for handling data transfers between the PCIe domain and the AXI domain. PLDA's IP are verified using multiple PCIe VIPs and test suites and is proven in production silicon in hundreds of designs using a variety of commercial and proprietary PCIe PHYs.

"Our configurable and scalable XpressRICH Controller IP product line fills a need in the SiFive DesignShare ecosystem. Teaming with SiFive will help us provide embedded designers around the world with access to PLDA's interface IPs at little to no cost at the start of a design program," said Arnaud Schleich, CEO, PLDA.

The availability of PLDA IP through the DesignShare program shortens the time to market and removes common barriers to entry that have traditionally prevented smaller companies from developing custom silicon. Companies like SiFive, PLDA and other DesignShare partners provide low- or no-cost IP to emerging companies, minimizing the upfront engineering costs needed to bring a custom chip from design to realization.

"The ability to connect chips using PCIe or CCIX Interface is a must for technically advanced applications, and the addition of PLDA's IP is an asset to the DesignShare program," said Mohit Gupta, vice president, SoC IP, SiFive. "With the addition of PLDA to the DesignShare ecosystem, we continue to grow the portfolio of IP from which designers can choose when beginning work on a new prototype device."

Since DesignShare launched in 2017, the program has grown to include a wide range of IP solutions, from complete ASIC solutions and trace technology to embedded memory and precision PLL. For more information on DesignShare and to see the complete list of available technologies, visit

About SiFive

SiFive is the leading provider of market-ready processor core IP based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture. Led by a team of industry veterans and founded by the inventors of RISC-V, SiFive helps SoC designers reduce time-to-market and realize cost savings with customized, open-architecture processor cores, and democratizes access to optimized silicon by enabling system designers to build customized RISC-V based semiconductors. SiFive is located in Silicon Valley and has venture backing from Sutter Hill Ventures, Spark Capital, Osage University Partners, Intel Capital and Chengwei Capital, along with strategic partners Huami, SK Telecom and Western Digital. For more information, visit

About PLDA

PLDA is a developer and licensor of Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) specializing in high-speed interconnect supporting multi-gigabit rates (2.5G, 5G, 8G, 16G, 25G, 32G, 56G, 112G), and protocols such as PCI Express, CCIX, and Gen-Z. PLDA has established itself as a leader in that space with over 3,200 customers and 6,800 licenses in 62 countries. PLDA is a global technology company with offices in Silicon Valley, France, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and China.

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