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April 13, 2020

Message from CEO The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the global community—a stark reminder that we are citizens of one world and must work in unison to stop the spread. Teams of scientists from multiple countries are working with different vaccine technologies to find a solution. We applaud them all for their efforts and eagerly anticipate their quick success.

At SiFive, we are closely monitoring the situation and following all CDC recommendations, including having all of our teams work from home. We remain fully engaged with our customers, partners and each other, and everything remains business-as-usual. In fact, we continue to establish new partnerships, build and launch world-class product solutions, host virtual events, and expand our team. Please read more below to see these highlights in detail.

We wish all of you good health, patience and solidarity during this challenging time; we have no doubt that the world will emerge stronger than ever.

With regards,
Naveed Sherwani
President & CEO
SiFive, Inc.

Company Highlights

  • Former Google, Tesla and Apple Engineering Executive, Chris Lattner, has joined SiFive as Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering. Chris is known for leading the creation of numerous software technologies, including the LLVM compiler infrastructure, Clang C and C++ compilers, MLR machine learning infrastructure, and the Swift programming language that powers Apple’s ecosystem. For more information, you can read the press release and Chris’s blog describing how he believes SiFive is uniquely positioned to transform the silicon industry.

  • Leading Industry Veteran Shubham “Sam” Maheshwari, has joined SiFive as CFO. Sam is highly experienced in silicon industry finance, operations and acquisitions, and is known for achieving results. Learn more.

New Solutions

  • Cloud Accelerated Idea-to-Silicon – SiFive’s mission is to accelerate chip design, closing the time between the definition of a chip to silicon being available - we call this the “idea-to-silicon” journey. The solutions to modern computing challenges increasingly require domain-specific accelerators, which are silicon chips designed to solve a specific problem with built-in adaptability to provide flexibility for shifting workloads Learn more.

  • Advanced Trace and Debug Portfolio, SiFive Insight – This comprehensive debug and trace solution offers SoC designers class-leading debug capabilities to bring-up first silicon, support hardware and software integration, and debug software applications. Learn more. Additionally, there is a blog that details the trace and debug features and functions of the SiFive Insight portfolio.

Recent Partner News

  • SiFive is collaborating with Synopsys using their Fusion Design Platform™ and Verification Continuum™ Platform to enable rapid cloud-based design of next-generation customer silicon products. Together with Synopsys, SiFive is also collaborating with Microsoft Azure to lower barriers to custom SoC design. Learn more.

  • SiFive and CEVA partner to bring machine learning processors to mainstream markets. Learn more.

RISC-V Ecosystem

  • SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH announced comprehensive support for the SiFive Insight debug and trace pre-integrated in RISC-V processor cores. Learn more.

  • RISC-V is not an “open-source processor” – Krste Asanovic, Chairman of the Board of the RISC-V Foundation, wrote a blog addressing the confusion about the difference between a specification and an implementation.

  • Chips that pass in the night: How risky is RISC-V to Arm, Intel and the others? Very – A great article on RISC-V innovation was published by The Register, a global online tech publication.

  • There are more RISC-V updates in the latest Linux 5.6 release. These include DT entry for the GPIO controller in the SiFive Freedom U540 SoC, the world's first Linux-capable multi-core RISC-V processor, and DTS updates for our HiFive Unleashed, the development board incorporating the U540 SoC. Learn more.

  • Celebration of IoT Day 2020: How Open Hardware & Software is Stimulating IoT Innovation – SiFive participated in IoT Day (April 9 – Online) with other RISC-V Foundation members to reflect on how the free and open RISC-V ISA enables IoT innovation. Learn more.

Other Highlights

SiFive Connect logo SiFive Connect – SiFive in a Virtual World Webinar Series
A platform designed for continued engagement with the global hardware and software community developing RISC-V based semiconductor solutions. These monthly events will take place twice on the same day (9 a.m. PDT and 6 p.m. PDT) to enable convenient participation from a variety of time zones. Learn more.

SiFive Connect Webinar Embedding Intelligence Everywhere Embedding Intelligence Everywhere with SiFive 7 Series Core IP
Thursday, April 16
9 am - 10 am PDT
6 pm - 7 pm PDT - Learn more.

Rapid Embedded Prototyping with SiFive Software Rapid Embedded Prototyping with SiFive Software
Thursday, April 30
9 am - 10 am PDT
6 pm - 7 pm PDT - Learn more.

The Linley Group The Linley Group
SiFive Presented at the Virtual Linley Spring Processor Conference April 6-9: The Direction and Magnitude of SiFive Intelligence, by Nick Knight, Software Performance Team.
View proceedings.

Vectors are History: 30 Years Later, by Randy Allen, VP of RISC-V Software.
View proceedings.

SiFive was a Key Participant in IEEE’s 2020 CICC Forums (Virtual Conference Online) March 23 and March 24:

Co-Founder and Chief Architect Krste Asanovic presented SiFive: A Startup with a Mission to Democratize Access to Custom Cores and Silicon.
View proceedings.

Chief SoC Architect Shubu Mukherjee presented Challenges and Solutions for Domain-Specific Custom Silicon.,
View proceedings.

SiFive was a Key Participant at Embedded World 2020, Nuremberg, Germany (Feb 25-27) – Demonstrated SiFive Core Designer, and SiFive Shield with WorldGuard, which offers core-driven and process-id driven modes for multi-domain security.

View past proceedings

SiFive hosted Tech Symposiums in San José, Costa Rica (co-located with LASCAS 2020), and Mexico City, Mexico in February, and a special two-day symposium and workshop in Ahmedabad, India in early March – The RISC-V ISA is gaining momentum.

Technical Papers

  • Check out SiFive Secures RISC-V. Learn more.
  • Check out SiFive U8 TAKES RISC-V OUT OF ORDER. Learn more.
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