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The SiFive Connect webinar series is designed to be highly educational and interactive.


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Getting Started with SiFive’s SoC IPs

Introduction to SiFive’s SoC IPs: Interlaken, HBM, Ethernet, USB etc.

By Ketan Mehta and Sundeep Gupta 2020-03-19

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Getting Started with SiFive’s SoC IPs

Chip-to-Chip Communication (Interlaken-LL) for Enterprise and Cloud

Interlaken chip-to-chip connectivity IP has been used for many years in networking and switching fabrics to move high throughput data between large chips. With advanced technology nodes, increasing chip sizes and CPU cluster-based designs, Interlaken has found a unique spot as the protocol of choice for low latency, high throughput chip-to-chip connectivity. SiFive is extending its 8th generation of Interlaken IP with the introduction of Interlaken-Low Latency (LL) IP, which will enable low latency chip-to-chip connectivity in HPC, AI/ML, enterprise and cloud applications. Interlaken-LL IP can provide up to 256Gbps of reliable and scalable throughput between two chips; whereas the standard Interlaken IP from SiFive provides throughput of up to 1.2Tbps.

Part III: From a Custom 2 Series Core to 'Hello World' in 30 Minutes

The last webinar will be very hands-on! Drew will walk through configuring a custom E2 core using SiFive Core Designer, and then use Freedom Studio to write software targeting the custom core in the included RTL testbench and on an FPGA.

Part II: SiFive's 2 Series Core IP

This webinar will introduce SiFive’s 2 Series Core IP, SiFive’s most-licensed Core Series. This webinar will cover the 2 Series Core architecture, the configurability of the 2 Series, and the Core Local Interrupt Controller (CLIC).

Part I: An Introduction to the RISC-V Architecture

This webinar will introduce RISC-V Architecture. It will provide an overview of RISC-V Modes, Instructions and Extensions, Control and Status Registers, and Interrupts. It is targeted at embedded developers who are new to RISC-V

Getting Started with SiFive IP

Part III: Evaluating SiFive RISC-V Core IP 

This webinar is for embedded developers who are interested in learning more about the RISC-V architecture.  Part 3 walked users through downloading and evaluating SiFive RISC-V Core IP, including E31 Evaluation RTL, and using Freedom Studio to program and debug code running on the E31 FPGA evaluation.

Getting Started with SiFive IP

Part II: Introduction to SiFive RISC-V Core IP

This webinar focused on embedded developers who are interested in learning more about the RISC-V architecture.  Part two introduced the SiFive RISC-V Core IP Products; the E31 RISC-V Core IP and the E51 RISC-V Core IP.

Getting Started with SiFive IP

Part I: RISC-V 101

This webinar provided an introduction to RISC-V, covering areas such as the Register File, Instruction Types, Modes, Interrupts, and Control and Status Registers. Prior knowledge of RISC-V is not necessary, but having a basic understanding of Computer Architecture would be beneficial.

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