SiFive - April 10, 2020

SiFive Connect : SiFive in Virtual World-Webinar Series

A Platform Designed for Continued Engagement with the Global Hardware and Software Community Developing RISC-V Based Semiconductor Solutions.

After hosting the SiFive Tech Symposiums in a record 52 cities in 2019, it became amply evident that the RISC-V revolution has reached all corners of the globe and is here to stay. RISC-V cores are being designed into many SoCs and domain-specific custom silicon. To take our previous engagement with the global community to the next level, we’re launching the SiFive Connect Webinar Series as a highly educational and interactive platform for SoC developers to connect directly, on an ongoing basis, with industry experts. Targeted for engineers, architects, developers, researchers and students, attendees will learn about the RISC-V ecosystem and the latest RISC-V based cores and software, security solutions, SoC and system IP, various end market solutions and development platforms.

These bimonthly webinars will be one hour in duration, and each will take place twice on the same day – once at 9 a.m. PDT and again at 6 p.m. PDT – enabling the global community to choose the time that works best for them.

Registration is now open for the first two SiFive Connect webinars of 2020!

To view an extended list of upcoming topics, please visit

We look forward to engaging with you and sharing knowledge!