SiFive - April 30, 2020

SiFive In The Time of COVID-19

A Message From The CEO

Innovation in SiFive’s product portfolio and business model differentiates our company, but the employee team is the heart of our success. SiFive employees enable our company to offer the full idea-to-silicon journey, from configurable processor cores with comprehensive pre-integrated security, trace and debug capabilities, and modern SoC IP, to scalable chip manufacturing development and management using a broad range of foundries and process technologies.

To support the areas that SiFive employees live in, we will be making charitable donations to local communities around our design centers. We value our employee’s health and safety, and our commitment to keeping them and their families safe during this time is a top priority.

Recently, SiFive announced our participation in the COVID-19 pledge, and we now offer the SiFive E21 processor core IP free* to help those creating solutions to healthcare issues created by the pandemic. We encourage our partners and customers to continue to find ways to positively contribute to potential solutions for the challenges caused by COVID-19. For more information on using the SiFive E21 standard core IP in a design under the terms of the COVI-19 pledge, please contact our sales team.

SiFive’s mission is to make the idea-to-silicon journey easier, helping startups and established companies alike to solve the computing challenges they face. To achieve this goal, SiFive focuses on offering excellence, engineering, and expertise to enable customer domain-specific silicon. This focus was a key element in my decision to join SiFive, guiding and growing operations and programs to develop innovative solutions for computing challenges.

A key element in this approach is SiFive’s innovative processor IP and scalable platform engineering methodology combined with a forward-thinking business model. SiFive was founded on the principle of using open standards to develop efficient, high-performance, SoCs with methodologies based on scalable reuse. To that end, SiFive offers a licensing and use model that does not require upfront IP licensing costs. Industry partners have joined in this model through SiFive’s DesignShare program.

With flexible support and engineering engagement available to support customer core and silicon development, SiFive’s approach enabled scaling to a global presence quickly. SiFive’s sixteen design centers around the globe coupled with decentralized infrastructure and web-based products such as SiFive Core Designer continue to deliver on our customer commitments.

Keep in touch with SiFive via our social media channels to follow the latest developments as we continue to support our local communities, create great technology, and free semiconductor roadmaps.