November 01, 2023

Sophgo Licenses SiFive RISC‑V Processor Cores to Drive High-Performance AI Computing Innovation

SiFive’s Multi-Cluster, Multi-Cores P670 and X280 Power the Open Standard Platform for High-Performance AI Applications

Santa Clara, Calif., November 1, 2023 – Today, Sophgo announced that the company has licensed several SiFive RISC-V high performance processor cores, the SiFive Performance P670 and SiFive Intelligence X280 to develop RISC-V AI computing processors. Presented on SG2380 Kick-off Day at the Zhongguancun IC Park in Beijing, the new SiFive cores will be used in the upcoming, Sophgo SG2380.

The new Sophgo SG2380 is a 2.5 GHz 16-core RISC-V processor, utilizing the SiFive Performance P670 with a multi-cluster, multi-core configuration. It boasts high performance and RISC-V vector computation advantages. SG2380 also incorporates SiFive Intelligence X280 and a Vector Cooperative Processor Interface Extension (VCIX), integrating Sophgo's AI/ML hardware design. With complete software toolchain support from RISC-V, this coprocessor is targeting not only AI/ML but various advanced computing needs.

The P670, combined with RISC-V's unique instruction set architecture advantages and advanced microarchitecture design with silicon implementation by the SiFive team, offers high computational density and vector computation capabilities. Sophgo has also utilized the proven X280, paired with VCIX, as an NPU, highlighting the synergies between the two companies in this collaboration.

The SiFive P670 is currently the highest-performance and fully spec-compliant RISC-V commercial-grade processor IP (SpecINT2k6 exceeding 13/GHz) available in the market. SiFive offers multi-cluster, multi-core P670-compliant with RVA22, supporting the latest RISC-V specifications and operating systems, providing optimal performance and the lowest power consumption. The SiFive X280 offers flexibility and scalability in AI applications, supporting multi-core, multi-cluster configurations and numerous successful chip instances. The development tools and software support the latest OpenXLA framework, in line with the market demand and future application trends of AI.

For more information about Sophgo SG2380, please refer to CNX SOFTWARE – EMBEDDED SYSTEMS NEWS: Sophgo SG2380 – A 2.5 GHz 16-core SiFive P670 RISC-V processor with a 20 TOPS AI accelerator.


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