SiFive - June 25, 2019

Silicon At The Speed of Software

The Information age transformed the world, fueled by silicon chips that became more powerful and more cost-effective every 18 months. The thinking of silicon design was led by engineers in the pursuit of faster, smaller transistors. As the Experience Age transcends the Information Age, the law underneath the technology changes from what’s possible, to what’s needed. Now, the ability to create purpose-built processors – secure, fast, efficient, and cost-effective – is the defining characteristic inside products that change lives through improved experiences and abilities.

Today, SiFive is proud to announce the SiFive quarterly update program, filled with the latest innovations and features. Based on RISC-V cores, SiFive offers a portfolio of RISC-V based domain specific acceleration SoCs and application processors, and cloud-based fully custom core design services. The Q2 2019 engineering update delivers new features and options across the breadth of the SiFive portfolio, and is available in Core IP products configured via Core Designer and the Freedom Tool suite products. If this program sounds more like a software company roadmap than a hardware one, you’re right: SiFive is extending the experience-first concept of the Experience Age to the process of silicon customization and design. The rapid integration of feature updates and improvements to processors is made possible by SiFive’s approach that creates fully synthesized SoC designs that can be quickly validated to accelerate time to market for domain specific tasks.

Whether you’re working on inference processing, networking, creating a tiny embedded IoT chip with high density code, or simply need a secure, scalable application processor, you can rely on SiFive to deliver the IP, designs, services, validation, and experience you need to get it done.

As the leader in RISC-V enablement, SiFive’s mission is to make specialized silicon design simple, fast, and efficient. SiFive will deliver Innovation updates on a quarterly basis to enable innovators needing new custom silicon designs. For IP companies looking for new opportunities to offer their world-class portfolio, SiFive becomes the marketplace to enable mass customization of silicon by offering easy-to-access, efficient pre-integrated solutions.

Read the companion blogs by SiFive experts to learn more about the specific changes included in the Q2 2019 SiFive engineering update for SiFive Core IP, SiFive Core Designer, and the Freedom Tools suite. The ability to intelligently collect, process, and analyze data in the growing Internet of Things ecosystem will be the key to success in the new era of computing - partner with SiFive today and unlock your vision for the Experience Age!